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Holbox Dream Hotel


The hotel proposes a wide selection of excursions :

On the main land, such as Chichen itza, Coba, Tulum or why not a shopping day at Playa del Carmen or Cancún!!!

You can also live an unforgettable experience in a magic ecosystem, between culture and nature, take advantage of the adventure of the jungle and discover the secrets of the flora and the fauna of this environment in Solferino.

And also, boat trips where you will discover the magnificent natural reserve with :

  • Birds Island, tiny island where nest thousands of birds.
  • Yalahau, hole of fresh water in the mangrove where you will swim, called also the water of youth!
  • Passion Island, located on the west side of the island.
  • Finally you will meet certainly wild dolphins whom never really leave these quiet waters.

And also from June till September, you will swim and will approach without stress the biggest fish of the world, the whale shark, totally harmless for the man, who comes every year to eat plankton near the island.


Akumal, the turtles Paradise !
Akumal means: “place of the turtles” in the Mayan language. This little town was officially founded in 1958, as a community for scuba divers by Pablo Bush Romero. Its fine white sandy beach and coco trees line a bay in which come sea turtles to get shelter. Coral reef is a few hunded meters from the shore and offers a wonderful show to scuba divers and snorkellers. Some luxurious villas were built on the sea front, such as hotels and clubs, but the place still conserves a natural aspect.

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Cabo Catoche, Fishing experience !
You will arrive in Cabo Catoche where you will enjoy the beach, snorkelling and a nice dish of your fishing prepared by your captain ! It is where Gulf of Mexico and the Caribs are, by landing with these.... … an experience not to be missed !

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The 7th Wonder, Chichen Itza !
The 7th of july 2007, it has been designated as one of the 7 wonders of the World. It’s one of the biggest archeological site of Mexico. Its ruins illustrate the greatness of one of the most majestic city built by Mayas. The “Castillo” is the name given to the main ppyramid of Chichen-Itza, from the post classical period. Each of its 4 sides has 91 steps each, plus the one from the platform at the top, gives 365 steps, the number of days in the Maya calendar. The steps divide each side into two sections of 9 landings, that is 18 sections, the number of months in the Maya calendar. Its orientation gives an impressionable optical illusion !!

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Coba !
The most important site of the Yucatán peninsula, which can be comparable only with Chichen Itza, its eternal rival. A temple 25m high, more than 30 steles, altars and engraved panels. Well located between Caribean Sea coasts and Yucatán cities, it stayed the major site of the area during the Post classical period. The presence of the 5 lakes has been particularly favorable for its development supplying necessary water to inhabitants and activities, as agriculture. Its ruins are one of the main tourist attractions. Its wild and natural character give to the visitor the sensation of being an explorerer...

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The jungle of Solferino !
Between culture and nature, we invite you to enjoy the aventure of the jungle and discover the secrets of the flora and faun of our environment. Come and share the tradition which inheritated its inhabitants, the knowledge of the environment and the importance to conserve it for many years again … Let you guide in kayak on the shore of the jungle, observe animals and birds from a 15 meters high tour, fly between trees in tyrolienne … An unforgetable experience in a magic ecosystem !!

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Tiburon Ballena, the shark lair !
Profesional guide, quality service The whale shark is the largest fish on earth today. With no doubt the creature of the sea the most spectular and in the same time the least known of the planet. He can measure up to 18 metres and weigh 34 tons.

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Tulum the mysterious
Ancient fortified coastal town from the post-classical period, unique maya port, it would have received its name, so-called, from its ramparts which surround it on three of its sides, since Tulum means “circle, hedge or great wall”. It is also saying that its original name would be Zama, which in Maya means The dawn - place where the sun rises, in reference to the beautiful show that represents the sun rising on the turquoise sea. Besides, since the beggining of its foundation, the caribean Sea has always been the main source of its commercials activities. To see : el templo de los frescos, the Castillo, and much more ...

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Tour Punta Mosquito, by Fishers for Fishers !
Fishing is the most popular activity in Holbox island. Its waters are full of a great number and species of fish. Fishing around the island will be an unforgettable experience thanks to the fishermens’ advice, because they know the fish caves and techniques. Pargos, meros, boquinetes, pámpanos and lobsters will become a delicious dish on your table !

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Tour 3 islas, the beauty of knowledge
More than 100 native and migratory species of birds live on Holbox Island. Most of them nest in Birds Island, located a few minutes by boat from the villaje. This small piece of land is protected and has been equiped with two observation towers to avoid disturbing the endangered species. In this tour you will appreciate the diferent beauties of the island.

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